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Posted by Debbie on 5th Jan 2023

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We have been clients of 4 Paws Forever for years. I proudly wear a gold paw pendant of our first basset hound, Gus, who we lost at 10 years of age. We had his paw made when he was diagnosed and I've never taken it off. When we got our new puppy, Franklin, we immediately had a paw pendant made with his paw. Sadly, he passed away at six months of age-he lost a battle with a virus. I am forever thankful that we had his paw made into a pendant when he was so young. I wear both paws every day to keep Gus and Franklin close to my heart. We always send a memorial tree to our friends when they lose a pet. It's such a beautiful tribute to them. We will always be clients of 4 Paws Forever. Karen and her team are just amazing. 

Jeff & Debbie Summers

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